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Jewellery Designer Melbourne

At Duck & Sparrow you'll find a wide range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more with eye-catching designs. As a jewellery designer in Melbourne. All our pieces are designed right here at our studio in Melbourne, drawing on the city's eclectic and multicultural background as inspiration.

We design jewellery that brings out the best in people, whether that's complementing your own personal style or making a statement with something new! Browse our range online today and discover your new favourite piece! We ship Australia wide, so you can get your order delivered directly to you.

A Bit About Our Designers

Amy is a visual artist, creator, mother, and jewellery designer based in Melbourne. Her passions lie in travel and all things quirky and untamed, all of which greatly influence her jewellery designs. She designs just about everything you'll find in Duck & Sparrows range (as well as some things you won't yet!)

Jonathan is the other half of our dynamic design duo, bringing a worldly influence from his travels to the designs in our collection, as well a different and fresh perspective. Together, they've created a wonderland of unique, eclectic, eye-catching designs you won't find anywhere else.

A Range of Styles to Choose From

With styles ranging from bold earrings and statement necklaces to art deco, urban modern, and even intricate oriental-inspired designs, there's something to suit every style. If you can't see something you like, we're constantly adding new pieces to our collection, so remember to follow our social media and check back soon for something fresh!

duck and sparrow
duck and sparrow
duck and sparrow

Artist Profile

After finishing my studies at Bendigo Latrobe university in ceramics I continued to practise as a ceramic sculpture till 2013 when my son was born.

I have exhibited with Anna Mass of Skepsi gallery as well as making commissioned work for office buildings, privet and public collections.

In the last couple of years I have come back to my sculptural practice but instead of using clay which has been less accessible with the lockdowns and family situation, I have been discovering the world of fibre and basket-making materials to make the forms which I have previously explored through ceramics.

I have been exploring spiral/shell forms for over 2 decades and still find myself lost in the wonderment and possibilities that these fundamental ideas hold in the visual world.

My work currently explores seashell-inspired forms in small scale of hand woven / knotted shell form brooches and also larger scale sculptures- up to 1 meter - made from raffia, fabric and paper raffia.

My Forms are inspired by the natural world, sea shells in particular. I find their proportions and fluidity captivating and feel that my personal interpretations represent a self portrait of my state of mind and emotions at various times in my life.

duck and sparrow
duck and sparrow
duck and sparrow


  • 2021: ‘Pivot Point ‘Biennial Exhibition - Yarra Sculpture Gallery
  • 2012: ‘Engaging Form’- Skepsi @ Montsalvat
  • 2012: Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show ,
  • 2011: ‘Arresting’- Skepsi Gallery
  • 2011: Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award- Manningham Gallery
  • 2009: Ceramic Victoria 40th Anniversary Exhibition - Manningham Gallery
  • 2009: ‘Stirring’- Skepsi on Swanston
  • 2009: Pottery @ Federation Square- Atrium
  • 2008: ‘Clay in Motion’ - Bird Gallery, Kew
  • 2007: ‘Common Ground’- Shepparton Art Gallery
  • 2006: ‘L’Haim,’ To Life- Bird Gallery, Kew
  • 2005: ‘Statements in Sculpture’- Skepsi Swanston
  • 2003: ‘Redefined’, solo exhibition- George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2002: ‘Fertile Ground’- Bendigo Art Gallery
  • 2002 Emerging Artists Exhibition- Mira Gallery, Melbourne


  • 2012: High Commendation- Association of Sculptors of Victoria
  • 2002: C&J Award and Commission


  • 2011: Warrnambool Art Gallery
  • 2002: Bendigo Art Gallery.

Featured in Publications

  • 2002: Pottery in Australia- Borders
  • 2012: Engaging Form, Exemplary Australian Ceramics

Current work 2021

Ceramic work (2010-2013)