Artist Profile 

Amy Cohen


After finishing my studies at Bendigo Latrobe university in ceramics I continued to practise as a ceramic sculpture till 2013 when my son was born.


I have exhibited with Anna Mass of Skepsi gallery as well as making commissioned work for office buildings, privet and public collections. 


In the last couple of years I have come back to my sculptural practice but instead of using clay which has been less accessible with the lockdowns and family situation, I have been discovering the world of fibre and basket-making materials to make the forms which I have previously explored through ceramics. 


I have been exploring spiral/shell forms for over 2 decades and still find myself lost in the wonderment and possibilities that these fundamental ideas hold in the visual world. 


My work currently explores seashell-inspired forms in small scale of hand woven / knotted shell form brooches and also larger scale sculptures- up to 1 meter - made from raffia, fabric and paper raffia.


My Forms are inspired by the natural world, sea shells in particular. I find their proportions and fluidity captivating and feel that my personal interpretations represent a self portrait of my state of mind and emotions at various times in my life.